ULTRA - INTERIOR LIMITED are a Hardwood Flooring Specialist company dedicated to supplying stunning wood floors to Design Professionals, Architects, Developers, and Home-owner clients. Committed to delivering projects of the highest standard and to the complete satisfaction of customers throughout the UK. We also carry out high quality floor restoration work to projects with existing wood flooring.

Having respect for wood is essential ~ it is our oldest natural resource and has the unique value of being the one basic resource that man can renew. Whilst other natural resources may eventually be depleted, a well managed forest goes on creating wood forever. All of our wood is sourced from well managed, legal, sustainable forests and purchased responsibly.

Selecting the raw material with skill and imagination, ULTRA - INTERIOR evolve it to create your floor. The floor area is usually the single biggest space to be covered in the same material, making it a key design feature of any interior project. We recognise the significance of treating simple design details with care and attention. Having an in-depth knowledge of site preparation, sub floor build up, floor installation, and final finishes we can guide you through and implement all of these technical aspects of your flooring project.

Wood has a unique range of qualities and capabilities. It requires experience and knowledge to combine wood science and aesthetic vision to create the ultimate hardwood floor ~ this body of knowledge is brought to you by ULTRA - INTERIOR.

You can view some of the many flooring projects we have carried out in the Recent Projects pages: from the home page click 'Collections' and scroll down to find 'Recent Projects'

Some of our floor refurbishment work can also be seen in the Floor Restorations pages: from the home page click 'Collections' and scroll down to find 'Floor Restoration Projects'

For further details of the product range and services or to arrange a site survey please contact darren@ultra-interior.com. Or if you would like to discuss any current or future project requirements you can contact me direct on 07740 766693.